Skin Care Ingredient! 

Coconut: A Must-Have

The Versatile Use of Coconut 

Coconut has hydrating and anti-bacterial properties that benefit skin and hair.It is used in many beauty care products. 

As A Natural Toner

It reduces pores and helps restore the skin’s pH balance, and keeps acne at bay. 

 As A Makeup Remover 

Pour some coconut oil on a cotton ball or pad and remove the makeup with it. Watch how fast it wipes away the makeup and dirt on the face. 

As A Pre-Step Face Cleanser

Rub coconut oil on your face for a quick facial clean-up and rinse it with your gentle cleanser. 

As An Alternative For Body Lotion

Coconut milk/oil is highly hydrating and leaves your skin feeling soft & nourished all day long. 

As A DIY Lip Scrub

Mix honey, brown sugar & coconut oil for a thick, moisturizing lip scrub.

 As A Shaving Base

For a smooth shave, apply coconut oil before shaving. It is safe to use as it has antimicrobial properties. 

 As An Alternative For Night Eye Cream 

Dab coconut oil gently under your eyes before going to bed. It will moisturize and nourish the skin overnight. 

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