Ways To Get Voluminous Hair

Natural ingredients help strengthen hair follicles. Here’s a list.

Think Simple But Effective

Lavender, rosemary, and castor oil contain volume-adding properties.

Essential Oils For More Thickness

As a hair cleanser, mask, or oil, amla helps regulate sebum.

Everything Amla

Peel fresh aloe vera gel and put it on your scalp. Wash it off for a cooling effect!

Aloe Vera

These ayurvedic ingredients are effective for dry, frizzy, or rough hair.

Shikakai Or Reetha

Rich in amino acids, hibiscus helps produce keratin.

Hibiscus Mask

Avocados and eggs contain protein, which makes hair look silky smooth.

Avocados & Eggs

Increases blood circulation to hair strands and perks up the volume.

Coffee Grounds

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