You To Fall For

Here’s What Makeup Artists Don’t Want

Who Are These Professionals?

Makeup artists who have been working in the film industry, beautifying Bollywood celebs.

What Are They Saying?

Makeup artists say they want you to stop falling for some cliche advice about makeup.


So it's better to pay close attention to what they have to say about cliché views on makeup.

Makeup artists have an in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in the world of makeup. 

#1 Not Being Experimental

Be open to experiments, because what has worked for you isn’t the only look that will ever suit you.

#2 Only Trusting High-End Makeup

Trusting the high-end brands is fine. But remember that you can get good quality products at cheaper prices too.

#3 Not Using Bright Lip Shades On Dusky Skin

It’s not true that bright lip shades don’t suit dark or dusky skin tones. Experiment to find the right lip shade that suits you.

#4 Avoiding Glitters

Glitters are not just meant for parties and grand occasions. Be confident enough to try glitters more casually sometimes.

#5 Believing That A Contoured Nose Looks Thinner 

Contouring the entire nose panel will only make it look weird. Don't try it, if you aren't an expert. 

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