Highlighter Makeup Hacks

You Probably Didn't Know

Highlighters Take Your Makeup Game Up A Notch!

It helps contour and accentuate your facial features.

But Are You Making The Most Of This Popular Product?

We think not. Here are some surprising ways to use a highlighter.

Use A Highlighter To Intensify Your Glow

Mix it with your foundation formula to achieve a fabulous glow.

Apply Highlighter To Your Collarbones

Let your shoulders and collarbones glow with a dust of highlighter.

Wear It On Your Lips!

Draw attention to your lips by dabbing highlighter over your statement lipstick.

Use Your Highlighter As An Eyeshadow

Keep your eye makeup natural yet luminous by using highlighter as an eyeshadow.

Use Highlighter On The Inner Corners Of Eyes

It can brighten up smaller eyes and add extra dimension to your face.

Use Your Highlighter As A Blush

It gives you a beautifully structured cheekbone with a dash of shimmer.

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