Dark Underarms

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of

Saffron Magic

Add two pinches of saffron and mix it well with a mild lotion. Apply it to your underarm twice a day and see the skin get lighter gradually.

Apple Scrub

By scrubbing mashed apples in your underarm, you can remove the odor and keep an even skin tone.

Orange Peels

Powder some dried orange peels and mix them with rose water. You can apply the paste to your underarm and see the dark spots vanish.

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil to your armpits 10 minutes before taking a shower will help you lighten the skin tone naturally.


Lemon is a natural bleach that will take the dark spots and shades away and keep an even tone.


By applying milk to your underarm once a day, you can lighten the skin and keep it from drying out and itching.


Cucumber is perfect for soothing skin and whitening. By applying two slices of cucumber under your underarms, you can enjoy a lighter skin tone.

Potato Peels

Just when you thought potato peels are no good! They are excellent bleaching agents and help you flaunt a lighter underarm.

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