Take Care Of Your Hair The Ayurvedic Way

Take Care Of Your Hair The Ayurvedic Way

Falling behind on hair care? It’s time to switch to the ways of Ayurveda.

Give Your Hair The Care It Deserves

Oil your hair at least once a week. If dryness persists, apply it twice or thrice a week.

Dry And Damaged Hair?

Consuming vitamin A-rich food or supplements encourages healthy sebum production for the scalp.

An A For Healthy Hair

Put anu taila or ghee in your nostrils once a day to enhance hair growth.

The Nose Knows

Incorporate protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, lentils, and beans into your diet.

It’s In The Protein

Foods rich in vitamin C help enhance collagen production.

C For Collagen

Consuming healthy fats helps in protein digestion and nourishes the hair.

Healthy Fats, Healthy Hair

Good sleep helps hair growth, so get some rest and wake up with one step towards better hair.

Sleep It Off

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