Types Of Acne And Their Treatment

It is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dirt and oil.

What Is Acne

There are basically 3 types of acne. Let’s see what are these

How Many Types of Acne Are There?

Black heads and white heads comes under the category of comedonal acne

Comedonal (clogged pore) acne

ItsIron and Potassium content helps purify the blood, leading to blemish free healthy skin.

What You Can Do

It is the medical name for pimples and includes papules and pustules.

Inflammatory Acne

Using products that contain retinoids and taking antibiotics is generally recommended.

What You Can Do

It consists of flesh colored or red bumps that are inside the skin’s surface.

Nodulocystic Acne

Antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide are the recommended treatments.

What You Can Do

Please consult your dermatologist before starting any type of medication.


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