How Often Should You Wash Your Hair Based On Various Factors.

Hair type, scalp, use of styling products, dirt and activity levels are the main determining factors.

What Determines How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

Those who are more active, tend to sweat more, thus requiring frequent hair washes.

Activity Level

Oily scalp requires daily washing as compared to dry scalp which needs a weekly wash.

Scalp Type

Hair exposed to dirt and pollen might require to be washed every second day to keep it clean.

Exposure To Dirt And Pollen

Use of styling products can lead to buildups on scalp, thereby requiring frequent washes.

Use Of Styling Products

Thick hair needs to be washed every three days to keep it clean.

What To Do For Thick Hair?

Fine hair needs to be shampooed every other day to enable it to flourish and grow.

How Often To Wash Thin Hair?

Experts suggest it should be washed only once, every 1-2 weeks!

What To Do if One Has Textured/Curly Hair?

To Know About Hair Washing Tips