Like A Pro

How To Apply Blush

Blush Application Is An Art

With a few dos and don’ts of applying blush, you can avoid looking like a clown and get naturally rosy cheeks instead!

We’ve Got You Covered!

If you want to avoid makeup blush disasters, allow us to help. We’ve got your back with these tips. Take a look!

Blush With A Soft Shimmer

The shimmer should be subtle and give a delicate glow when the light hits your skin. 

Blend, Blend, Blend

Blending is key! Blend the blush with a brush or a makeup sponge until it looks natural to avoid exaggerated lines or a blot of color on your cheeks.

Keep It Simple

Don’t experiment with too many contrasting colors since it’ll leave you with uneven streaks on your cheeks.

 Go Easy On The Glitter

Blush with chunky glitter doesn’t last long and leaves behind a stubborn trail of glitter, which is difficult to remove.

Add A Subtle Finishing Touch

Give your skin a beautiful glow by using a liquid highlighter or a cream blush and give it a fantastic finish.

Don’t Skip The Setting Spray

A spritz of setting spray locks your gorgeous look and keeps your skin from being dry, giving you soft, tinted cheeks throughout the day! 

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