Bronzer Perfectly

How To Apply

Create An Even Base

Make sure you wash your face with a gentle cleanser and face wash.

Apply A Good Moisturizer And Sunscreen

Moisturizing your face will keep it hydrated and fresh.

Create An Even Canvas With Foundation

You want your face to be like a blank page before you apply bronzer.

Go For A Bronzer Shade That Is One To Two Shades Darker

It’s important to compare your bronzer to your natural skin tone before buying it.

Use A Wide, Fluffy Powder Brush With A Rounded Top

This is the perfect type of brush to use for applying your bronzer.

Start With Your Forehead

Apply bronzer in the shape of a 3 to achieve the perfect results.

Focus On Your Jawline

Who doesn’t want a jawline that can cut through butter?

Blend The Bronzer Into Your Skin

Make sure that you use a different brush to blend the bronzer into your skin.

Get Rid Of Any Harsh Lines With A Translucent Powder

This will help ensure a smooth transition from bronzer to regular foundation

Set Your Makeup With A Setting Spray

Once you are done with your makeup, use setting spray to keep it intact

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