Applying Pancake Makeup Smoothly

13 Tips For

Start By Wetting Your Sponge

Pancake makeup needs to be activated with water, and should be applied with a dense sponge

Rub The Wet Sponge Into The Makeup

Use gentle pressure as your rub to cover one side of the sponge with makeup

Apply The Makeup To Your Face

With the amount of pancake you have on the sponge, begin applying the makeup to your face

Blend The Makeup

Maroon is one makeup color trend that’s not going away anytime soon, and we’re not mad about that fact

Let The Makeup Dry

If you want lighter coverage, blot your face with a tissue while it’s still moist to absorb excess makeup and water

Powder Your Face

Use a brush, puff, or clean sponge to apply a thin layer of setting, finishing, or foundation powder over top of the pancake

Apply Contour

Contouring is a way of applying makeup to different areas of your face in order to highlight and de-emphasize certain features

Contour To Make Your Cheekbones Stand Out

If you want to make your face look narrower and your cheekbones more prominent, you can contour your cheekbones to do this

Give Yourself A Chiselled Jawline

With the darker pancake and the sponge, apply pancake to your jawline and the area just under it

Make Your Nose Look Narrower

Apply a line of highlighter pancake down the center of your nose, from between your eyebrows right down to the tip

Give Your Forehead More Definition

With the darker pancake, apply a thin line of makeup across your forehead, just below your hair line

Make Other Features Pop

You can make other features stand out by applying a small amount of highlighter

Apply The Regular Pancake And Blend

Once you’ve blended the three colors, allow the pancake to dry and then apply a finishing, setting, or powder over it

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