Powder Foundation 

How To Apply

Powder foundation is great for giving your face a bit of a lighter coverage while evening out your skin tone and minimizing your pores.

Powder Foundation, Old But Gold!

Great, If Applied Rightly

It often gets a bad rep in the makeup community—it can look cakey, make your skin dry, or settle into lines on your face.

But Here’s How You Can Make It Look Great!

With the right knack, powder foundation can work wonders! 

Start With Cleaning Up

It’s important to clean your face before applying makeup, so don’t forget this step...

 Let the moisturizer soak in for a few minutes before you start putting on the foundation. 

 Apply A Facial Moisturizer To Your Skin

Choose The Right Powder Foundation

Get one that suits your skin tone so that it blends well...

Add A Primer To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Gently rub the primer into your skin, focusing on the places that get the oiliest throughout the day

Dab Concealer Under Your Eyes And On Blemishes

Buff the concealer into your skin with a flat makeup brush

Patting the foundation into your skin is important! If it’s not patted into your skin enough, it won’t settle into the crevices of your face.

Start Applying The Foundation On Your T-Zone And Under Eyes

Swirl The Brush Onto Your Cheeks And Forehead

This will help to blend the foundation into the lines and crevices of your skin, leaving it less cakey and more natural-looking.

Blend The Foundation Down Your Neck

Not blending down your neck can leave a stark contrast between your face and the rest of your body, so it’s good practice whenever you’re applying foundation.

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