How To Bleach Your Hair At Home

First, Put Your Armour On!

Make sure you put on some old clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting bleach on. Wear some gloves as well

Section Your Hair 

Divide your hair so that the crown section is secured away. This way, you can freely work with the back of your hair first. Make small sections in your hair

Mix The Bleach Powder And Developer

You’ll have to add two parts of the developer for one part of bleach. Ensure there are no lumps, and the mixture is consistent

Start Applying The Bleach

Start with the bottom section of your hair. Let this sit for twenty minutes before you start with the crown

Bleach The Higher Sections

Once you are done with the bottom sections, work your way to the top. This will ensure an even color, instead of lighter roots and dark tips

Sit Back And Wait For The Magic

Do not leave the bleach on for more than 30-45 minutes. Keep checking on the hair periodically to see if the color is lifting to the levels you want

Wash Your Hair And Let It Dry

Wash your hair with a balancing shampoo to balance the pH levels of your scalp. Follow with a protein balancing conditioner. Let your hair air dry

Post-Bleaching Hair Care

Avoid styling products for a while, oil your hair often, opt for organic products, and dilute your shampoo before use

Flaunt Your Hair!

Don’t forget to show-off your new hair-do!

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