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 How To Blow Dry Hair

 Looking For The Perfect Blow Dried Mane?

Look no further! 

The Eighty Percent Rule

After washing, air dry your hair by around 80 percent, but make sure it is still damp. 

Part Your Hair

Using a comb or your fingers, gently part your hair into a few sections. 

 Start From The Front

Begin with the section in front, near your forehead. 

Give It That Bounce

Pin the front sections which are dry, and hold the dryer in a downward angle so the end’s don’t get to dry, and start drying the rest of your hair.

The Styling

Now that your hair has dried, you will have to style it. So part your hair in half, and start styling it outwards.

Hairspray For The Win

Make sure you use hairspray so the look stays!

Flaunt Your Lovely Hair!

You’ve got salon-styled hair at home!

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