Treated Hair At Home

How To Care For Chemically

The After Care

Chemically treated hair is fragile and needs to be pampered way more than natural hair.

Different Products

Once you get your hair treated, you need to use the shampoo and conditioner that is meant for chemically treated hair.

Refrain From Regular Washing

Shampooing your hair more often takes a toll on your hair, and once your hair is treated, you need to push washing your hair to the last day.

Hair Mask

Deep conditioning hair masks work best in keeping your hair smooth and manageable.

Keep Away From Sun

The UV rays often bleach your natural hair color and make it dull. Make sure you cover up before going out in the sun.

Regular Trimming

Haircuts and regular trims are a must to keep up the bounce in your hair.

Avoid Hot Shower

Keep the temperature of your bath water on the lower side to keep your hair from frizzing out.

Touch Ups

Chemically treated hair needs touch-ups every six months on the hair roots.

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