Tips To Select The Right Skin Care Product

The first step in choosing the right skincare product is being aware about your skin type.

Know Your Skin Type

Pick a skincare product that contains the right active ingredients as per your needs.

Know The Active Ingredients

While gel works best for oily to combination skin type, creams are suitable for dry skin.

Gel Or Cream

Do you want it for regular skin care or for addressing specific skin concerns?

Skin Concerns Or Routine Skin Care

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, then you would need products with UV protection.

Your Habits

Never use a skin care product past its expiry date.

Expiry Date

These products do not clog the pores.

Choose Non-comedogenic Products

Avoid products with sulfate, preservatives and fragrance.

For Sensitive Skin

To Know About Daily Skin Care Routine For Different Skin Types