Contour Your Face Like A Pro With These Steps

It must have multiple shades similar to your skin tone.

Choose Your Contour Palette

Creamy contour formula looks more natural and blends better.

Creamy Over Matte

Cheekbones, temples, jawline, forehead, and the sides of your nose.

Identify The Contouring Areas

An angled contour brush or a flat eyebrow brush should do the trick.

Use The Right Brush

Take a foundation brush and blend, blend, blend!

Keep Blending

If you find harsh lines after blending, make sure to get rid of them with sweeping motions using a makeup sponge.

Check For Harsh Lines

Once you’re done contouring, use a highlighter to complete the look.

Finish It Up With A Highlighter

It’s time to flaunt that chiseled face!

Well, Hello, Gorgeous!

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