Tips To Prevent Frizzy Hair During Monsoon

It may look romantic, but rain water has pollutants that causes frizzy hair and a damaged scalp.

Rain Water Is Acidic

Always carry an umbrella. If not, cover your head with a scarf or a protective cap.

Don’t Get Wet

Brushing rain-drenched hair increases frizziness and also causes breakage and split ends.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Switch to moisturizing hair cleansers or conditioners to keep dryness at bay.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Protein makes hair cuticles stronger, so there will be less scope of breakage and frizzy hair texture.

Use Protein-Based Products

Moisturizing is important, but excessive oiling can plug pores.

Avoid Too Much Oiling

Hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers will suck the moisture out of your hair.

Reduce The Use Of Heating Hair Tools

Make a hair mask with egg whites and yogurt for smooth, frizz-free, and luscious hair.

Bonus DIY

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