With Henna

How To Get Jet Black Hair

Go Natural

Before you drench your hair in chemicals, we introduce you to natural hair dye that will not only color your hair but also nourish it from the inside.

Goodbye, Greys!

Henna is 100% natural and does not bleach your hair for good. It will reduce premature greying and keep the melanin intact longer.

The Secret Ingredients

By adding these special ingredients, you can maintain the jet black tint of your hair naturally.

Time For Recipe

Brew black tea, egg yolk, coffee powder, amla powder, and a spoon of lemon together. Let it cool and your special hair henna is ready.

How To Apply it

Keep the henna overnight and apply it to your hair in the morning. Let it sit for an hour and then wash it.

 When To Shampoo

Do not shampoo the same day you apply it. Let it soak for a day and shampoo the next day with your favorite shampoo.

Yolk Replacement

If you are skeptical about using egg in your henna recipe, a spoon of curd works the same.

Why Is Henna Perfect

Henna conditions your hair and gives it a dark tint naturally. Hence it is the secret to black and shiny hair.

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