The Perfect Pout

10 Easy Tips To Get

Scrub Your Lips

Get rid of flaky and chapped skin by exfoliating your lips

Prime Your Pout

Priming your lips prior is important to keep them hydrated

Take Your Pick

Cream and stain formulas are your best bet as they set in well

Apply A Base

Applying a base for your lips is extremely important to make your lipstick stand out

Apply A Finish

Choose from matter, gloss, shimmer and satin for your pout

Apply Correctly

Outline both the top and bottom or your lip and then fill in the color

Go Into Detail

If you require added precision, a lip brush can be of great help

Add The Final Touches

Clean up any smudges with a cotton ear bud dipped in makeup remover

Set It With Powder

If you have used a shimmery or glossy lipstick it’s a good idea to set it in place with powder

Blow Off The Extra Powder And Pout

Blot off extra powder off your lips and pout away!

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