Accentuate Your Features

How To Groom Your Eyebrows To

Say 'Yes' To Eyebrow Threading 

Instead of 'DIY'ing it, get professional help to shape up your brows. 

Pick A Right Sized Brow Brush

Choose the ones that make makeup applications smoother.

Go For Gentle Strokes 

Apply Brow Products In Small Flicking Motions. 

Arch Your Eyebrows

Create subtle and natural-looking arches using eyebrow makeup.

Fill The Brows With A Pencil

It’ll infuse a complete look to the eyebrows.

Apply Concealers Below The Brows

Redefine and highlight your brows by applying concealers under the brows.

Let There Be Light In Your Room 

Never do eyebrow makeup under dim-light circumstances. 

Thick eyebrows can make you look younger; try it out. 

Trick OF Thick Eyebrows

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