Try These Makeup Hacks To Conceal Your Double Chin

Fat accumulation leads to double chins, which may seem unflattering to those who have it.

The Unflattering Angle

While there is nothing to be ashamed of, you can conceal it for a while with these makeup tricks.

Temporary Hacks

Use makeup to give your jawline a chiseled appearance.

Sharp Jawline

Use the contouring technique to draw triangles on both sides right below your chin.

Contouring Technique

With a blender, blend the contour lines with downward strokes for a subtle definition. Accentuate your chest, neckline, and collarbones with a highlighter.

Blend Away

Matte contouring sticks and bronzers are easier to blend and conveniently hide the double chin.

Choose The Right Color

Take the focus away from your chin by wearing bold, bright lipsticks like red, maroon, or chocolate.

Define Your Lips

You can also divert attention from the chin by wearing eye makeup and pairing it with a subtle blush.

Eyes And Cheeks

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