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How To Keep Liquid Lipstick 

Prep Your Lips 

Start with moisturizing your lips with a good lip balm. 

Prepare The Base

Use a small amount of any lightweight concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it all over your lips.

Gently Apply The Liquid Lipstick 

Be careful not to apply too much. You can start with the bottom lip and then head to the top. 

Do Not Layer Up

Liquid lipsticks do not need layering! One coat is more than enough.

Dab Away

Don’t use tissue; instead, use your fingers to gently blend the lipstick

Line Your Lips

Using a lip liner to outline your lips gives your lips a clear shape and definition.

Avoid Lip Balm

Don’t apply lip balm after you have applied the lipstick as it will break it down.

Wait For It To Set 

Don’t rub your lips or touch it for a few seconds as the liquid lipstick needs to set.

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