Without Makeup

How To Look Great In Video Meetings

Scrub Your Lips

Remember to not overdo it.

Dip either of them into petroleum jelly and rub on the lips.

Use a toothbrush or a towel to exfoliate your lips


Wash your face using a mild cleanser that contains added scrub.


After drying your face, massage it well with a moisturizer. 

Pinch Your Cheeks

Slap and pinch your cheeks. This gets the blood flowing, giving you naturally flushed red cheeks.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Tweeze your brows and remove extra hair. 

Apply Tinted Lip Balm

Use tinted lip balms on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids.

Wear well-fitted clothes

Choose clothes that flatter you, and fit you well.

Take care of the lighting

Sit in a place where you get good natural lighting. Sitting near the window is a good option.

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