Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

It’s essential to care for your hair after a coloring session.

Post-Color Hair Care

While the color may lose its initial vibrancy to some extent, hair color lasts about 6-8 weeks.

How Long Does Hair Color Usually Last?

These tips can help your color stay longer.

How To Make Hair Color Last Longer?

Besides shampoo and conditioner, use a deep conditioner to seal moisture and retain hair color.

Hydration Is Key

Avoid using heat-styling tools like straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons.

No Heat

Sulfate acts as a detergent and strips natural oils, moisture, and color of your hair.

Go Sulfate-Free

Washing your hair with hot water instead of cold or lukewarm water may damage hair color.

No Hot Water

Sunlight may lighten hair color. Wear a scarf or a hat outdoors to protect your hair from UV rays.

Minimize Sun Exposure