Makeup Hack: How To Give The Illusion Of

A Bigger Cleavage

A Bigger Cleavage

Makeup can do wonders if a push-up bra is just not getting your cleavage right. Here’s how!

A Magic Bosom Trick

Use the pencil to draw a crescent above your breasts on both sides. Then draw a straight line in the middle.

Eye Pencil To Contour

Make sure the lines are thinly drawn so that they are easier to blend smoothly.

Thin Lining

Your collarbones need to shimmer to make the chest area stand out.


You can use a tinted glossy cream on your cleavage to get the added glow.

Tinted Cream

It can lock in your products and ensure that it lasts long.

Pressed Powder

Many prefer their fingers or brush to blend, but since the cleavage area is wider, a beauty blender will do a neater job.

Don’t Use Hands To Blend

If it’s way too blotchy or shiny, use a blotting paper to soak in the dirt or sweat if it appears.

Use Blotting Paper To Get Rid Of Sweat

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