Hide A Pimple

How To Perfectly 

Ugh, Pimple!

Pimples can be hard to take, especially because they pop up just when you need to look your best.

Relax, We Got You!

Don't you worry, we know just how to conceal it like it never existed!

DIY To The Rescue

Here are some ultimate hacks to hide the pimples flawlessly.

Try A Tinted Moisturiser

The quickest way to cover a pimple is to conceal it in a tinted moisturiser.

Ice Them!

Ice cubes work like magic in reducing the redness and decreasing the size of your pimple. Simply hold an ice cube on the site for a few minutes.

Concealer Works Best!

Concealer does a better job in hiding the pimple bump than foundation. Dab the concealer on the pimple, and even it out with your bending brush.

Experiment With Color Correction

Just pick a green or yellow color corrector and apply it on the pimple. Follow up with a concealer and you will be amazed by the results.

Use A Primer

You can try a green primer on the pimple and watch it become invisible almost immediately.

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