Avoid Pigmentation 

Easy But Useful Tips To 

Skin Pigmentation

Discolored, light and dark areas, or uneven skin tone are signs of pigmentation. 

Sun Protection First

Avoid exposure to UV rays as much as possible.This prevents premature aging of the skin. 

Vitamin C: Your Best Friend

Consume foods rich in Vitamin C and buy skin care products with Vitamin C as the primary ingredient. 

 Identify The Wrong Product

Check the ingredients and ask your dermatologist if any of your skincare products are causing pigmentation. 

Skin-brightening Peels

Skin brightening peels can help block excessive melanin production. 

Exfoliate Regularly

Clumping of dead skin cells can also cause hyperpigmentation. Exfoliate skin at least twice a week. 


Hormonal changes can cause hyper-pigmentation. Take medicines after consulting the doctor. 

Moisturize Always

Moisturizing regularly can increase cell turnover and help maintain an even skin tone.

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