Smudged Eyeliner

How To Pull Off

Stay Away From Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner doesn't smudge very well and its edges often flake or peel off instead of blurring

Make Sure You Use Primer

The main purpose of primer is to smoothen out the skin, making it look more polished and even

Try Color

If you’re afraid of creating dark circles with your smudged liner, try using colorful eyeliner instead of black liner

Use Concealer

Perfect your smudged eyeliner look by applying concealer underneath your eyes before and after you apply your eyeliner

Confine Your Smudge

Confine your smudged liner by priming and setting your skin effectively as part of your liner application process

Use Eyeshadow

Use a small blending brush to apply a layer of the eyeshadow over your liner and blend it outward to create a smudged look

Smudge With A Sponge

Immediately after you apply your eyeliner, use the makeup sponge to blend the edges of the liner outward

Pair Your Smudged Liner Perfectly

Make sure to apply a liberal amount of mascara to your eyelashes in order to match the drama of your smudged liner

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