How To Safely Remove Your Acrylic Nails At Home

Clip Off Any Excess Acrylic

Keep them as close to your real nails as possible

Make Use Of A Nail Buffer

You can rough up the surface of the nail polish until the shine is gone.

Soak Your Nails in Pure Acetone Solution

Do this step for approximately five minutes and no longer than that.

Use A Metal Cuticle Pusher To Gently Push Off Polish

This will help push your cuticles downwards. 

Re Dip Your Nails In Acetone Solution

Do this for five minutes and gently push the cuticles downwards again

Keep Doing Five-Minute Dips In Acetone Solution

Take breaks between soaking your nails in the solution

Buff The Rest Of Your Nails Off

This will help get rid of any stubborn or small pieces

Massage Your Nails With Cuticle Oil

This will helps your nails recover and leave them looking polished.

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