3 Ways You Can Remove Hair from Your Intimate Areas

Some women prefer to have their intimate area groomed as it helps manage odor.

Why Remove Hair From Intimate Areas?

One can wax, shave or use laser technology to remove hair from intimate areas.

What Are The Ways You Can Remove Hair From Intimate Areas?

Waxing is not only long lasting but is less likely to cause bumps or rashes compared to shaving.


Waxing can lead to burns, scarring and infected ingrown hair, a common problem with waxing.

Possible Side Effects:

It is one of the most common ways used by women to get rid of hair from intimate areas.


It can not only lead to cuts but also irritate the skin leading to infections such as cellulitis.

Possible Side Effects:

This is a more or less a permanent procedure to remove unwanted body hair.

Laser Removal

Possible side effects include blisters, burns, infections and scars.

Possible Side Effects:

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