Here’s How To Solve It!

Dry Skin Problems?

 Causes Of Dry Skin

From extreme heat or cold weather, to excessive exfoliation or using soap, dry skin can occur due to many reasons.

Invest In A Humidifier

A portable humidifier can help balance the moisture level at home and avoid parched skin. 

Sweat It Out 

Sweating stimulates your skin and makes it glow. So, do not skip your regular exercises.

Shield From The Sun

UV rays cause more damage to the skin than to the eyes. Always shield your skin while out in the sun and save yourself from dry skin damage. 

Drink Water 

Keeping yourself hydrated can repair your extreme dry skin.

 Use Gentle,  Allergen-Free Soap

Yes, rubbing soap everyday does more harm than good. So switch to mild, chemical-free ones to maintain moisture. 

Oil-Base Products

Whether it’s your makeup or skincare, go for products with hydrating properties that have natural oils. 

Non-Foaming Cleanser

Foam can rip your face of its natural oils. So mild cleansers with no foam can get the job done without much damage. 

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