Nail Polish From Chipping

Easy tips to stop your 

So Easy!

You can do this at home and need no professional help!

Wash Your Hands

If there’s dirt or oil, the nail polish won’t stay for long and will look uneven.

Avoid Quick Drying Nail Polish 

These are known to crack and chip easily. 

Always Apply A Base Coat

This can help your nail paint last much longer than usual.

Be Patient While Drying

Ten minutes or less is not enough. Let your nails dry for a good twenty minutes! 

Add Two Layers

When you add two layers, they look better and last longer.

Touch Up On Chipped Areas

If your nails have chipped, touch up on those areas gently. 

Moisturize Your Nails

After your nails have dried, moisturize them so they aren’t dry

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