Dry Shampoo

How To Style Your Hair With

Choose Smartly

Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type—like, a tinted version suits dark-colored hair better. 

Shake The Bottle Before Application 

Shaking the bottle well before spraying helps mix the shampoo well and prevents too many white residues.

Maintain A Distance

Spray the shampoo at least 10-12 inches away from the scalp to avoid excess build-up. 

Fingers Can Do Wonders

Wait for 2 minutes after spraying and then use your fingers to spread it onto the scalp. 

Use Less

Spray only a thin layer over your scalp. 

Massage Is A Must

Massaging your hair for some time after spraying the shampoo helps accelerate absorption!

Bed Time Is The Best Time

Applying it before going to sleep helps soak up any oil on the scalp leading to bouncy hair. 

Go For A Quick Blow Dry

If you find residues on your scalp, blow dry for a short time to up the volume and get rid of residues. 

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