Amid Pollution

How to take care of your face

Harmful effects of pollution on the skin

Atopic dermatitis

Faster aging



Here’s a how-to guide to protecting your skin from damages caused by pollution.

Routine Cleansing

Cleansing your face thoroughly twice a day helps detoxify the skin.

Using The Right Cleanser

Massage your face with a cleanser that contains mild exfoliating agents for a thorough cleansing + exfoliation routine.

How To Rinse

Use cold to normal water for rinsing off your face.

Use A Mask

Use a detox face mask to pull out the remaining dust particles/dirt that was left behind.


Moisturize your face with daily so that your skin regains its lost hydration.


Repeat these steps daily to take the best possible care of your face amid dust and pollution.

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