Make-Up Brushes To Amp Up Your Beauty Routine

For a flawless and smooth finish, these different makeup brushes play a big role.

Why Do You Need A MakeUp Brush?

This multi-purpose brush is dome-shaped, and has poufy, large bristles to evenly spread the product.

Powder Or Blush Brush

Whether you need to conceal dark circles or blemishes, this tiny brush targets specific areas of your face.

Concealer Brush

This thick brush can be flat or rounded and it will keep your foundation game on top!

Foundation Brush

This slim, tapered brush can reach your lash lines and blend your eyeshadow perfectly.

Pencil Brush

These separated bristles can help you dissect and shape your brows easily.

Eyebrow Brush

Short, flat, and closely knit bristles, they help blend your eye makeup neatly.

Smudge Brush

Make wide strokes to remove excess product or to apply highlighter, with this fan-shaped brush.

Fan Brush

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