Dandruff Woes? Use Neem!

This plant is used in ayurvedic formulations for dandruff-free scalp and healthy hair.

Neem’s Antifungal Properties

Add neem leaves to boiling water and let it stay overnight. Use it for a cleansing scalp rinse.

Neem Water

Dilute neem oil with a carrier oil and massage the lukewarm mixture gently to get rid of flaking.

Neem Oil

Onion juice helps repair split ends and hair thinning. Blend with neem oil for best results!

With Onion Juice

Soak fenugreek and neem leaves. Mix it with curd until it becomes a paste and apply.

Neem, Fenugreek & Curd Hair Mask

After shampooing, use cooled-down neem water for a final rinse.

Neem Conditioner

Neem leaves are bitter, but they have blood-purifying nutrients which are good for hair and scalp.

Chew On Fresh Neem

Mix with lemon juice until it becomes a thick paste and apply for deep conditioning.

Neem Leaf Powder

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