For Glowing Skin

How To Use Oats

Can Aid In Acne Treatment

Boil oats in some water. After it cools down, apply the paste on the affected area and rinse after 20 mins for help with acne.

Moisturizes Dry Skin

Make a paste of oats, milk, and honey in appropriate quantities. Apply the paste on your skin, and rinse it after 15-20 mins for a naturally moisturized skin.

Can Brighten The Skin Tone

An oats facial made of powdered oats and milk can help brighten your skin. That’s one of the reasons why oats are used in numerous skincare products.

Can Cleanse The Skin Naturally

Make oatmilk (by soaking oats in some water), and apply the milk on your face using a cotton pad. Oatmilk acts as a natural toner and cleanser.

Can Protect The Skin From Sun Damage

The fats present in oats can protect against UV damage, keeping your skin away from damages caused by the sun.

Can Strengthen Your Hair

The nutrients present in oats can take a very good care of your scalp, along with strengthening the hair follicles.

Can Also Help Fight Dandruff

Grind some oats, stir it well in warm water, let it cool and then add a spoonful of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to the paste. Use it as a shampoo to treat dandruff.

Can Aid Itchiness Caused By Chicken-Pox

Make a pouch of oat flour in cheesecloth, dampen it with water, and rub the pouch on the areas where itchiness still persists.

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