Based On Your Skin Type

How To Wash Your Face Or Body

Why Choose A Soap Based On Your Skin Type?

The right ingredients based on skin type can provide proper nourishment.

What are the Different Types Of Soaps Available

You can choose from bars, shower gels, bath salts, and aromatherapy soaps.

 For Dry Skin

Look for soaps with shea and cocoa butter, aloe vera, and glycerine.

For Oily Skin

Use products containing glycolic acid, retinol, jojoba, and tea tree oil.

For Combination Skin

Go for soaps with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and lavender.

For Sensitive Skin

Look for soaps with Vitamin E, chamomile, and calendula extracts.

What To Look For?

Always check the label for natural and skin-friendly ingredients. 

What Ingredients To Stay Away From?

Irrespective of skin type, prevent soaps containing harmful chemicals like sulphates.

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