Wear Blue Eyeliner

Like Your Favorite Celebrity

11 Steps To

Create An Eyeshadow Base

Create a base for your eyeshadow by applying a grey shadow over the entire eyelid

Line Your Eyes In Deep Teal Eyeliner

Line your eyes entirely, top, bottom and the inner corners, with a deep teal eyeliner

Create A Winged Look

Create a thick, upwards tilted wing at the outer corners of the eyes

Add A Pop Of Shimmer

Take a bronze eyeshadow and draw a curved line from the inner corner of the eye to where the highest point of the arch of your brow is

Top It Off With Mascara

A look this bold definitely needs a mascara with muscle and oomph to balance it out

Clean Up The Edges With Concealer

Keep the edges of your eyeliner clean by using concealer

Go For A Nude Lip

If you’re going for a bold eye look, you should consider opting for a simple or nude lip

Conceal Those Eye Bags

If you are conscious about your dark circles, consider covering them up with concealer

Use A Cotton Earbud To Clear Out Any Chunks Of Concealer

A cotton earbud dipped in makeup remover is a great way to clear out any chunks of concealer that may be sticking to your makeup

Add Another Layer Of Mascara

Complete your look with a final layer of mascara to leave your lashes looking fluttery and perfect

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