Know about photoaging

Is your skin ageing too soon?

What Is Photoaging? 

It is the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight (UV rays)  that we see on our skin. 

How Do UV Rays Damage Our Skin?

UV radiation damages our skin's essential proteins, like collagen and elastin, leading to photoaging. 

Signs Of Photoaging

Common signs include wrinkles, dark spots, leathery texture, fine lines, and inelasticity. 

How Can You Prevent This

Wear protective clothing, avoid sun exposure when the sun is strongest (10-2 pm), and use sunscreen.

 How To Treat Photoaging

Common treatments include photodynamic therapy, intense pulsed light, and laser therapy. 

Natural Ways To Treat Photoaging

Try using a papaya peel twice a month. 

 Lifestyle Changes To Help Fight Photoaging

Sleep on your back, quit smoking, and drink plenty of water. 

Diet To Treat Photoaging

Take a low glycemic diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish. 

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