Simple Trick

Know Your Skin Type With This 

The Tissue Paper Test

By performing the tissue test, you can easily determine what kind of skin you have.

Oily Skin

Wash your face in the morning and place a tissue paper on it. If it turns patchy, you have oily skin.

Dry Skin

If the tissue remains dry after the patch test, you have dry skin.

Combination Of Both

If there is a T-zone patch, it’s a combination of both oily and dry skin.

Itchy Skin

If your skin is itchy and scaly, it’s a sign of dry skin.

Sensitive Skin

If your skin breaks out in rashes easily, you probably have very sensitive skin.

Acne-Prone Skin

Having oily skin can clog your pores and increase your chances of getting pimples.

Pigmented Skin

If you develop dark patches on your skin easily, you have pigmented skin.

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