To Blow Up In 2022

Korean Beauty Trends That Are Expected

Unexpected Plant Ingredients

Prepare to find more unexpected plant extracts like red onion in your beauty products. 

Multi-Use Products To Treat Skin Aging, Dryness, And Acne

These products are shining and catching a lot of people’s attention.

Efficacious Skincare Regimens

The use of a single skincare product that targets all skin needs is booming.

Clean Beauty

More brands are developing products free of chemical additives and fragrances.

A Boost In Body Care

Body-care rituals, from head to toe, have taken on a new importance.

Use Of Active Ingredients

This trend helps in skin barrier repair and managing sensitive skin.

At-Home High-Tech Beauty Devices

The demand for LED masks and ultrasonic facial cleansers has increased.

Fermented Ingredients

Products featuring fermented tea, kombucha are becoming popular for their anti-aging properties.

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