Makeup Hacks And Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Convert An Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel

Heat the tip of the pencil, let it cool and voilà! 

Check Makeup Under Different Lighting

Why choose one source of light when you can find three?

Go Subtle On Perfume

Spray inside your wrist, base of your throat and behind your ear.

White Eyeliner For A Futuristic Pop

White eyeliner will definitely give you a spunky edge!

Mix And Match Mascara Brushes

Don’t throw away old ones. Just wash and reuse with new mascara.

Powder To Make Lipstick Last Longer

Dust translucent powder on your lipstick to make it last longer.

 Turn Eyeshadow Into Lip Gloss

Turn powdered eye shadow into gloss by mixing it with petroleum jelly

Learn The Art Of Using Tweezers

Tweezing is an easy task to learn and is beneficial during lockdowns.

Use Fingers To Prevent Stained Teeth

Avoid stained teeth by sticking a finger in your mouth and cleaning it.

Warm Eyelash Curler With Hair Dryer

One of the easiest ways to get luscious eyelashes is by warming the curler!

Use Dry Shampoo Overnight For Voluminous Hair

To get perfectly fresh bed hair use dry shampoo before you go to bed.

Use White As A Base Nail Coat

White acts as a wonderful base coat and makes bright colors on it stand out better

Outline A Cat Eye Before Filling It in

Use a pencil to outline your cat eye before you fill it in

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