1990s Makeup Looks

11 New Ways To Wear

Bitten Red Lips

Bitten red lips always trace back to the ‘90s so in true ‘90s fashion, keep it bright and beautiful 

Spider Lashes

These ultra-long lashes were loved by ‘90s girls who lived for heavy mascara! 

Pretty Pastel Lids

You could never go wrong with pastels — simplicity coupled with elegance.

Beautiful Brown Lipstick

This shade has made a comeback for a reason. It was all the rage then, and it still is now! 

All-Around Tightline Eyeliner

The ‘90s era was all about thin lines — especially slim tightlined eyeliner. Can’t go wrong when paired with neutral lips and blush! 

Can’t Forget Those Graphic Liners

Take the normal winged eyeliner up a notch! Graphic liners are the most creative ways to up your game. 

Overlined Lips For The Win

Want fuller lips? Then this is the secret to the ultimate pout.

Blue Eyeshadow

It’s hard to ignore blue eyeshadow — it was, afterall, a major trend of the ‘90s

Burgundy Lips And Light Eyes

Burgundy lips and light eyeshadow — this look combines a few of the best ‘90s makeup moments.

Gorgeous Glitter Shadow

Makeup was incomplete without glitter! Add that sparkle to your eyeshadow!

Frosted Lips

Can’t talk about ‘90s makeup without talking about frosted lips! 

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