Humid Weather

Expert Makeup Tips For

Keep Your Face Clean

When you keep your face clean, makeup stays longer. It also prevents clogging of pores.

Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer 

Apply a thin layer, one that isn’t too oily. Despite the humidity, your skin still needs hydration.

Get A Waterproof Primer 

A primer before makeup prevents the need for unnecessary touch-ups throughout the day!

 Invest In Oil-Free Foundation 

Heavy foundation can be a mess in humid weather so opt for one that is light and oil-free!

Give Up On Sparkle And Shimmer

Matte and creamy is the way to go during this season. 

Opt For Cream-Based Products

They blend into the skin better than any other product, and this is great during humid weather. 

Blotting Paper Is Your Best Friend!

With the help of blotting paper, you can keep your skin fresh and dry throughout the day! 

Remember That Less Is More

Never overdo anything when the weather is humid! Keep everything to a minimum...

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