Wearing a Mask

Makeup Tips While

 First Things First, Moisturize!

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated, moisturizers help with this! 

Don’t Skip Sunscreen!

Even if you’re wearing a mask, you need to make sure you have sunscreen when you step out.

Apply Your Foundation

Target the areas where you see spots and blemishes; a thin layer should do.

Eyes Steal The Show

Choose an eye shadow to make your eyes look lovely, even if you’re wearing a mask! 

TLC For Your Brows Too

With a brow gel or pencil, you can tame your eyebrows and make them look lovely.

Mascara To Add Volume

This is for your lashes, so they look full and do all the talking! 

Wear Your Mask Gently

Make sure it doesn’t mess up your makeup, even if it is minimal 

Wash Or Replace Your Mask After Use

This is to avoid inhaling any accumulated makeup.

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