How To  Get Moisture Sandwiching Right?

How To  Get Moisture Sandwiching Right?

A moisture sandwich involves layering skincare products to give maximum moisture and nourishment to your skin.

What’s Moisture Sandwiching?

First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. However, do not pat your face dry.

How To Go About It?

In keeping with the K-beauty rule, apply the next skincare product within three seconds of washing your face to retain maximum moisture.

Three-second Rule

With a cotton pad, apply toner all over your damp face and neck.

Tone Your Skin

The moisture sandwich technique involves layering your face with lightweight, watery products before proceeding toward heavier ones.

How Does It Help?

Gently apply essence to your skin while patting it dry.

Use An Essence

Spray some refreshing face mist before sealing it with serum.

Apply Serum

Massage in a moisturizer and lock it with face oil.

Complete The Routine With Moisturizer

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