Skincare Hacks For Oily Skin During Monsoon

Monsoons bring much-needed relief from the prickly summer heat.

Rain, Rain, Come Again

However, this season also means excess humidity.

Excess Moisture In The Air

Humidity = Oily skin! Swipe to know how to manage it during monsoons.

The Consequences?

The skin produces excess sebum in monsoons, and heavy makeup can clog pores further, leading to breakouts.

Wear Minimal Makeup

Use a gentle cleanser to avoid acne, whiteheads, and blackheads caused due to bacterial growth on the skin.

Cleanse Regularly

Scrub your face only once a week, as frequent scrubbing triggers acne production.

Minimal Scrubbing

Face packs with mud or clay absorb excess moisture from the face.

Clay And Mud Face Packs

Moisturizing regularly inhibits excess sebum production and helps reduce acne and breakouts.


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