For Working Women

The Essential Night-time Skincare Regimen

Always On The Go

Somewhere between tight deadlines, personal commitments, and conquering the world, working women often neglect their self-care sessions.

 Skincare Is Significant

After a long day at work, your skin needs as much care and rest as you do, so here are a few nighttime skincare rituals for you!

Step In The Shower

Wash away the fatigue with a shower and some music. A long, warm bath opens the pores of your skin and helps it breathe freely. 

 Facewash to The Rescue

Don’t forget to wash your face with a mild face wash to clean your skin off of dirt and grime.

Relax With A Mask

Pour some rosewater into a bowl of yogurt and mix well. Apply it to your skin and wash it off after 15 minutes for rejuvenated skin.

Don’t Miss The Serum

The serum prevents dry, flaky skin and leaves you with a vibrant, glowing skin tone to wake up to!

Moisturizing Is Key

Apply a light moisturizer on your skin and let it hydrate your skin.

 Rest Your Eyes

Before tucking yourself in the bed for the night, rest your eyes with slices of cucumber over them. They get rid of under-eye puffiness and soothe your eyes.

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